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SanDisk microSD memory card is write protected or locked. Why do I get a The disk is write-protected message when I transfer files to my microSD card? SOLUTION 1- Unlock the memory card. If you are using a microSD to SD adapter, make sure the Lockswitch on the left side of the adapter card is slid up (unlock position) Type list disk. Type select disk n, where n is the number of write protected SanDisk USB flash drive, microSD, SSD, etc. Type attributes disk clear readonly. Re-plug the SanDisk USB flash drive or other storage devices into your computer, check if the SanDisk write protected issue is solved have problem with my SANDISK,USB FLASH-DRIVE(16GB) that whenever i insert or plug it with some computer and try to write(CUT,COPY etc) it shows an error that THE DISK IS WRITE PROTECTEDcan any one please suggest that why it is displaying such errorat first i think that this is problem with my pc but know the essue is same for all compute

When Windows starts to write-protect your disk, for example, a SanDisk 4GB USB flash drive, you can no longer use it anymore until you remove the write protection. But you can easily solve this problem if you have a physical switch. Some USB flash drives and SD cards have physical switches on the side to protect data Why a disk becomes write-protected? When you encounter the write protection error, you must be curious about possible causes. Some of the causes are listed below: There is a physical write protection switch on some USB drives and SD cards. If this is the situation, then simply move the switch to the unlocked position Why remove write protection on Micro SD card SanDisk? Write protection is actually a good way to make sure data is not accidentally erased or overwritten. However, when you try to format SD card, you will get no luck. An error message will pop up and say you cannot format Micro SD card write-protected

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When a USB disk is write-protected, it turns into read-only. In that case, any action to add or edit data into that disk will be denied. All attempts related to writing action will be prevented, such as add or create new file, edit existing data, delete files that already present, formatting current USB disk, etc SanDisk write protected error. You might encounter write protection error when you use a SanDisk flash drive, memory card, Micro SD card or SSD drive, etc. You could not modify, transfer files on SanDisk storage devices, and it refuses to format and create partitions on SanDisk pen drive/USB drive/SSD with Disk Management

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I don't see a physical switch on the drive to enable/ disable write protection. Depending on how I went about to solve this I either got the message Write Protected or Read Only. Generic SanDisk Ultra 32GB stick. It was formatted fat32 and I got the mess Repair The Disk is Write-Protected problem of USB Pen Drive and SD CardClick here for more detail..http://www.bsocialshine.com/2017/01/how-to-fix-write-prote.. After plugging a drive into your PC to copy or modify a file & folder, a window might pop up with the error: The disk is write-protected. Remove this write-protection or use another disk. According to users, the problem may be with Windows 10 Home and SD card built-in slot. When using a USB SD card reader, this problem may not happen

#diskiswriteprotected #WriteProtection #chachitechThis video will show you How to fix The disk is write protected | 2 Ways Remove Write ProtectionUsing tw.. These causes should take responsible for the Write protection error: 1. Thus, you should know the most urgent thing is to remove the write protection. How to remove? Input diskpart in the Windows search box, press enter. Type list disk. Pen Drive show write protected - All USB Flash Drives - SanDisk Forums. Type attributes disk clear readonly

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  1. كيفية حل مشكلة the disk is write protected أو مشكلة القرص محمي ضد الكتابة من خلال طريقة فعالة ومجربة لحل مشكلة عدم.
  2. The write protection can be removed from Sandisk ultra usb by cmd or disk management in Windows 10 computer. The methods work for write protected Sandisk cruzer blade/glide pen drive. How to remove sandisk sd card write protected in Android phone Formatting write protected sandisk memory card could be done by sandisk sd card formatters
  3. remove write protection. remove write protection from external hard drive. remove write protection from flash drive. remove write protection from pen drive. remove write protection from sd card. remove write protection from usb. sd card write protected. the disk is write protected. the disk is write protected fix

Have you ever met The disk is write protected problem? Here are 4 methods to remove write protection on USB flash drives:Method 1. Check the write protecti.. 26 Maret 2021 M. Hernawan. Masalah flashdisk write protected biasanya terjadi ketika kita memasukkan file ke dalam flashdisk atau saat melakukan format dengan ditandai pesan error The disk is write protected. Masalah ini tidak hanya terjadi pada flashdisk tetapi juga pada SD Card maupun Micro SD ฝากถึงคนที่ด่านะครับ ผมทำตามในคลิปและมันหาย มันใช้ได้จริง ๆส่วนของ. HOW TO SOLVE DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED ERROR. When your PC detects write protection in the external storage device, it automatically stops operation such as writing and formatting on the device. The disk will then be switched to read-only mode, meaning you can view files but not edit them SOLUTION 1 - Unlock the memory card. If you are using a microSD to SD adapter, make sure the Lock switch on the left side of the adapter card is slid up (unlock position). You will NOT be able to modify or delete the contents on the memory card if it is locked. SOLUTION 2 - Toggle the lock switch. If the lock switch is loose and moves easily It.

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  1. To disable the write-protected disk on Mac, you can follow the next steps to format the drive on macOS: Step 1. Open the Disk Utility, and the application window will open. Step 2. Click on your USB flash drive on the left pane of Disk Utility. Step 3. Click on the Erase tab, then select the format type
  2. วิธีแก้ the disk is write protected ได้ผลชัวร์ 100%. โพสต์ 28 พ.ย. 2562 00:42 โดยUBN3 Channel [ อัปเดต 28 พ.ย. 2562 00:45 ] วิธีทำ. 1. Start > Run > cmd. --คลิกปุ่ม Start เลือก Run พิมพ์ cmd แล้ว Enter นี่เรา.
  3. Format write protected USB drive with third party USB format tool If you are not familiar with the command prompt, you may find the write protected USB cannot be formatted successfully. At this time, you can use a third-party USB format tool to complete this operation easily and effectively
  4. Write protection is not only done is windows disk but also can be done in SD card, USB, Pen Drive etc. You can even remove write protection from all these device. All you need to know is the prefect write protection removal software that can make you work easy and fast
  5. Sửa lỗi USB write-protected không cho Format (100% THÀNH CÔNG) | Fix the Disk is Write Protected USB Error.Tải (Download):- USB Formathttps://drive.google...
  6. Remove the write protection or use another disk hay Gọi tắt là write protected là thông báo lỗi gây ra lúc USB đang sinh sống trạng thái bảo toàn dữ liệu với ko cho phép tài liệu bên phía trong bị biến đổi không hề mong muốn. Cách khắc phục và hạn chế USB bị lỗi write protected

SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card is write protected or locked. Why do I get a The disk is write-protected message when I transfer files to my SD card? SOLUTION 1 - Unlock the memory card. There is a Lock switch on the left side of the SD card. Make sure the Lock switch is slid up (unlock position) SanDisk microSD memory card is write protected or locked. SOLUTION 1 - Unlock the memory card. If you are using a microSD to SD adapter, make sure the Lock switch on the left side of the adapter card is slid up (unlock position). You will NOT be able to modify or delete the contents on the memory card if it is locked The Disk Is Write Protected Sandisk Sd Card - Remove write protection on micro sd card sandisk. . How to solve disk is write protected. Then I registered a complaint with SanDisk technical support quoting the problem. They replied that it is not possible to remove the write protection as the disk went into some 'self protection mode' indicating that it was affected by some virus

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Sandisk USB Drive being write-protected is an issue that has been faced by a lot of Sandisk storage users. This can be the effect of some corrupted file in windows or some Windows registry key is incorrect. Fortunately, this is not a serious issue and this 'write protection' can be removed without any trouble. This removal can be done in 2 ways: 1 Re: sandisk 64gb card write protected. On the SD card adapter, slide the lock switch toward the gold connectors at the bottom of the SD card. Click Start and type regedit to enter Regedit Editor. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SYSTEM->CurrentControlSet->Control->StorageDevicePolicies. Click Write Protect and set the value to 0 And when using DISKPART I can't create partition due to the media being write protected. Here's the disk details: DISKPART> detail disk SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25 ATA Device Disk ID: 00000000 Type : ATA Status : Online Path : 1 Target : 0 LUN ID : 0 Location Path : PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1F02)#ATA. موضوع شامل عن حل مشكله the disk is write protected - الفلاش محمي ضد الكتابه. اوقات قد تواجهنا مشكله وهي ان الفلاشه عند فتحها تظهر برساله تفيد بـ the disk is write protected - الفلاش محميه ضد الكتابه ولا تعرف من اي. آموزش ۶ روش حل مشکل ارور The Disk is Write Protected ویندوز ۱۰ ، ۸ و ۷. ممکن است زمانی که نیاز به ایجاد تغییر در فایل های موجود در یک درایو USB (فلش مموری) یا مموری کارت SD دارید، نتوانید کاری کنید و با ارور Write Protection مواجه شوید

This instruction provides several SanDisk write protection removal and formatting tools with effective steps to help you fix SanDisk write protected memory card, USB flash drive, pen drive, SSD, etc., and format them with ease The write protection can be removed from Sandisk ultra usb by cmd or disk management in Windows 10 computer. The methods work for write protected Sandisk cruzer blade/glide pen drive . Home » Hardware » The disk is write protected - Sandisk Ultra USB The disk is write protected - Sandisk Ultra USB

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BTW for the write protected problem, if the problem is not in the file system but on the drive itself, it is a bit tricky. You have to know the model number of the ICs used and check the datasheet to see which pin corresponds to the Write Enable(WE) signal วิธีแก้ USB Drive ฟ้องว่า The Disk is Write Protected (เวอร์ชั่น 2) 2. โหลดมาแล้ว แตกไฟล์ เข้าไปในโฟล์เดอร์ จะเจอไฟล์ชือ Restore.exe ดับเบิ้ลคลิ๊กขึ้นมาเลย. The Disk is Write-Protected. Closed. Getting this issue whenever i try to paste some file in my pen drive. Pen Drive - SanDisk Ultra (Double Sided) This problem is making my pen drive unusable , it doesnt let me delete any file on it , but lets me copy any file present inside the pen drive Disk Write Protected - posted in External Hardware: Hello, I have a Sandisk 16GB Pendrive. and suddenly its saying The Disk is Write Protected Even I cant copy or delete any files and its not. Create a new discussion. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem

If your pen drive is write-protected, you may not have the ability to modify files or format the drive. There are a few things you can do to remove write protection from a USB drive. However, it's also possible the drive may be failing or.. USB Drive ฟ้องว่า The Disk is Write Protected. วันนี้มีเคสๆ นึง ที่เป็นเรื่องที่ผมประทับใจในการแก้ไขปัญหาครับ นั่นคือ. USB Drive ฟ้องว่า The Disk is Write Protected. เจ้า. What is write-protected floppy disk? You can protect floppy disks in such a way as to prevent yourself or anyone else from modifying or deleting anything on the disk. When a disk is write-protected, you cannot alter, modify, change, or delete anything on that disk. And you cannot accidentally reformat it If the disk space is enough, but you still fail to copy files or folders with the disk is write protected issue, try the next way. Solution 4: Change File Status When a file is set as Read-only status, it is likely that there is a failure to copy it to the USB drive

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When write-protection is activated, you will be able to read data on the card—only write operations are blocked. For some applications that use SD cards that are only used for read operations after an initial data loading, such as those used in gaming, write-protection can be a helpful feature to have, since it prevents any data changes that could interfere with the way the game operates According to Wikipedia write protection is a physical parts that was built in digital devices to protect inside data from being changed or altered.. When usb flash drive or usb disk suffered potentional damages, or when it contains bad blocks, or when the switch of the write protection is damaged, it may say the usb drive is write protected How To Disable Write Protection On A USB Key CCM. 9 hours ago How To Remove Write Protection on a USB.To remove the write protection, simply open your Start menu, and click on Run. Type in regedit and press Enter. This will open the registry editor. The next step is to navigate to the following path: Double-click the WriteProtect key located in the right side pane and set the value to 0 Everything was going fine till i awoke to the usb drive not working in my 360.. so i plugged it into my desktop, and tried to look through the files. the usb shows 14.4/ 16 GB used, but wont show details.. i tried to format, but it says the drive has write protect and i cant do anything with it. :( i have tried 'regedit' and cmd/diskpart/list disk/attributes disk clear readonly to disable it. 展开全部. 某些U盘上有写保护的物理开关,有LOCK字样的,掰回来就好了,如果没有这个物理开关反而提示这个问题的话,基本上就是坏掉了,要么返厂维修,要么丢掉直接换一个. 3. 已赞过 已踩过 <. 你对这个回答的评价是?. 评论. 分享. 新浪微博. QQ空间

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My Sandisk 32GB USB Flash Drive doesn't allow deleting of files nor Formatting. The message reads 'Disk is write protected'. Since all it holds now is 'old stuff' its useless. Can we restor Lỗi the disk is write protected là gì? Lỗi The disk is write protected.Remove the write protection or use another disk hay còn được gọi tắt là Write protected.Thông báo này cho bạn biết rằng thiết bị USB đang ở trong trạng thái bảo toàn dữ liệu, tức là bạn sẽ không thể thêm bớt bất cứ dữ liệu nào trên đây Write protection in pen Drive - It's a common problem for external storage device. problem is in this, when we try to delete some data from storage device or copy some files then pop up window says The disk is write protected This big problem because we can't also format storage device (pen/memory card) if we try to format ,pop up window says again The disk is write protected. 1 Remove Write Protection on Micro Sd Card Sandisk (Sony Pen Drive) 1.1 How To Remove Write Protected SD Card/USB (Sony Pen Drive) 1.1.1 Method 1: Use Pen Drive Lock; 1.1.2 Method 2: Scan for Trojans and Malware; 1.1.3 Method 3: Remove write Protected SD Card (System Registry) 1.1.4 Method 4: Open Diskpart Utility via CM We will repair and fix write protected memory card or flash drive by using windows DOS .From Windows start menu click on RUN or you can show it by clicking Windows symbol + R from your keyboard then follow this steps : Write this cmd order diskpart Then windows open new windows press YES. Write this order list disk then click enter.

There are mainly 2 methods for removing the write protection: The Diskpart CMD Method. The Regedit Method. Diskpart command Method: 1. Open administrative Command Prompt. 2. Enter these commands & hit Enter key after each - diskpart list disk select disk # (# select the disk which is write protected) attributes disk clear read-only 3 برنامج لحل مشكلة the disk is write protected Windows 10 و 8 و 7 و XP. هل سبق لك أن حاولت تهيئة قرص قابل للإزالة مثل محرك أقراص USB محمول أو بطاقة SD أو قرص مضغوط أو محرك أقراص محمول ووجدت الخطأ القرص محمي ضد الكتاب

4 วิธีแก้ปัญหา The disk is write protected. 1. ถ้าเป็นการ์ดที่มี ปุ่มล็อคการเขียน คุณสามารถสังเกตจากด้านข้างๆ ของการ์ดจะมีปุ่มเล็กๆ ถ้ามัน. the write-protect tab on a floppy disc to the write-protect position. However, to transfer the files to my 2 gig SanDisk. When I tried to just copy the MP3 files to the disk, I always get the message 'Disk is write-protected. Remove . protection. Remove the write-protection or use another disk. I can confirm having tried the following without any success: 1. Checked the physical switch on the SD memory card to be in the correct position. 2. Performed a diskpart from the cmd-line as administrator with the following operations: DISKPART> select disk 5 Solusi Kilat 30 Detik Mengatasi Masalah FlashDisk Write Protected. JuLi Andrian. Minggu, 29 Nov 2015, 00:01 WIB. Share. Pada artikel sebelumnya, Jaka sudah memberikan solusi mengatasi masalah FlashDisk yang tidak bisa diformat. Masalah tersebut merupakan hal yang sangat umum dijumpai oleh para pengguna FlashDisk แก้ FlashDrive ขึ้น The disk is write protected. 1. คลิกที่ start แล้วคลิก Run จากนั้นพิมพ์ว่า regedit แล้วคลิก OK. 2. จะมี Pop up ขึ้นมา แล้ว ดับเบิ้ลคลิกที่ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System.

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  1. istrator. Ketik perintah diskpart. Kemudian perintah list disk, dan select disk saya, ganti saya dengan nomor untuk flashdisk. Ketik attributes disk clear readonly, setelah selesai ketik perintah clean
  2. สำหรับ วิธีเปิดใช้ Disk Write Protection กับ USB Drive บน Windows 10 โดยเจ้า Disk Write Protection จริงๆในปัจจุบันก็จะมีเทคโนโลยีป้องกันการเขียนข้อมูลอยู่บนแฟลชไดรฟ์รุ่นใหม่ๆและ SD.
  3. Dòng lệnh: Select disk X với x là số thứ tự ổ đĩa cần sửa. Ví dụ: Mình cần khắc phục lỗi The disk is write protected ở ổ đĩa 1, khi đó dòng lệnh sẽ là: Select disk 1. Tiếp đến, hãy nhập dòng lệnh dưới đây ở ngay sau dòng DISKPART rồi nhấn Enter trong CMD

Note that the free format tool is unable to format a write-protected device directly, which means you have to remove the Sandisk write protection first. In this part, we will recommend a free formatting tool EaseUS Partition Master Free to assist you in formatting an SD card, USB flash drive, pen drive, and other storage devices after you remove the write protection When Windows starts writing-protecting your disk, such as a SanDisk 4GB USB flash drive, you will no longer be able to use it until you remove the write-protection from it, to remove the usb write-protection in Windows 10/8/7, see the following methods. Method 1. command Diskpart. Open the Administrative Command Prompt. Step 2 Cara Untuk menghilangkan write protection ada 2 cara yaitu. Format flashdisk atau USB secara Low-Level. dengan memformat Flashdisk secara Low-Level, maka flashdisk akan kembali ke kondisi semula. namun data yang ada di USB akan hilang semua. berikut caranya. pertama anda harus mendownload software khusus untuk menformat flashdisk, karena kita.

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  1. Working as a write protected how to remove write protection from kingston usb usb format tool, it can help you format kingston pen drive and remove the write protection within simple steps. step 1: press windows + r and enter cmd. step 2: type diskpart. step 3: type list volume. step 4: type select volume ( is the number of the usb hdd you've.
  2. um enclosure. The G-DRIVE PRO desktop hard drive comes with powerful performance up to 260MB/s read and 260MB/s2 write (18TB capacity)
  3. SanDisk ® Global Customer Write protect is a way to prevent data loss from the drive. There is no method to fix this. Possible scenarios when Write Protect Errors occur: Scenario 1: Drive usage exhaustion. USB drives are partitioned into blocks that data is written to
  4. Method 4: Disable Write Protection for Not Formatted SD Card. Once you activate the write protection for an SD card, you cannot continue to write or format any longer, as you did previously. Write protection is one of the primary causes of SanDisk unable to format. You can continue to use the SanDisk SD card once you remove the protection

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SanDisk flash drive write protects itself when it dies. Not sure but I believe this is standard behavior for almost all brands. One of the common reasons for flash drives being unexpectedly write protected on linux is that the drive is starting to fail. Happens with SD Cards, too. Yep Write Protected microSD Card. The larger SD cards have the write protection switch. MicroSD cards don't have it. But there is a case where you can run into this same issue with the switch. If you're using a microSD to SD adapter cartridge, those also have a write protection switch. They work the same way as on a full-sized SD card A write-protected hard drive allows you to access the data in it (if the drive is not corrupt), but you cannot write or paste new files and folders, which makes the drive literally unusable. To make it usable, you must remove write protection from the hard drive. How to Remove Write Protection from Disk How do I remove write protection from SanDisk usb. By kissleah78 · 7 years ago. Tags: Hardware. I have tried a couple of suggestions from various posts, even changing the write protection under.

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i am using sandisk 8 gb cruser i am not able to format my pen drive nor delete the items. susendeep dutta. a message comes The disk is write protected. So I can't format my pen drive. Help me quickly please. RAKESH. 2012-07-21 09:11:42. my 8gb pen drive write protect how can i format my pen drive CARDS - My SD card is write protected - How do I unprotect it ? SD cards have a write lock. This is a switch on the side of the card. The DOWN position is write protect ON and the UP position is write protect OFF. To use the device in a camera the position of the switch must be UP. It is a good idea to write protect a card with important data 3. Double click the WriteProtect, Change the value from 1 to 0 and click OK to save this change. Then exit the Registry Editor and restart your PC, insert your SanDisk USB/SD card/SSD again, you'll find the SanDisk device is not write-protected anymore. What is write protected disk? When a USB drive or SD card is write-protected, files on the.

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Reason 4 - Security Setting. If you are receiving The disk is write protected errors on a computer that is owned by your company or a computer that is used by the public, the administrator of the machine may have set a security setting on the computer to prevent the ability to write files to a removable disk click apply to remove write protected with sandisk format tool for write protected pen drive sd card ssd drive. then sandisk write protection problem should be repaired. aomei partition assistant standard as a free disk partitioning tool, you are given the ability to resize, move, create, delete, format, merge, split partitions, etc. Download sandisk write protection removal software, install. sandisk cruzer blade write protection removal tool repair tool fix to do data recovery, best Sandisk data recovery software help you recover MS word,excel, pictures, music, video files from sandisk cruzer blade write protection removal tool. Use unformat to recover data from sandisk cruzer blade write protection removal tool laptop after quick format,full format,accidentally formatted. As long as there is no write-protection, you can easily format a USB drive. Format write-protacted USB disk. To do this, follow these steps: left-click This PC -> select your USB-drive and right-click on it. From the list, select and click Format. Wait for the process to be completed

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Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Sign Up; Forums All Activity My Activity Streams . Status Update Next, type list disk, and press Enter. Next, type select disk [your disk number] Once selected, enter the following command: attributes disk clear readonly . Into the Registry We Go. If none of the previous steps have solved your Write Protection error, don't worry. We've still got a few more tricks in the book Today I got a USB 4GB flash disk from a colleague requesting for my help to delete some files in it. Unfortunately, the files couldn't be deleted because the thumb drive is write protected. With permission from my colleague, I was allowed to format the thumb drive just to recover the disk space and to make it usable again Remove the write-protection or use another disk.'. I clicked on Try Again button but nothing worked. I really want to copy some files into my external hard drive as they are very important files. I am not able to understand what is write-protected on my external hard drive When write protection is enabled on a disk drive, its contents cannot be modified or duplicated in any way. This is what makes write protection such a handy feature. Write protection can be enabled or disabled for any and all disk drives on all versions of the Windows Operating System

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Once you find your disk, right click on it and then choose Properties. A pop up box will appear in which you will be prompted to choose the security tab and change the permission. Just change the status of this option and you are all set to go without any write protection anymore. Solution 2: Remove Write Protection from USB Drive via Regedi 舉例來說,當Windows開始防寫保護一個SanDisk 4GB的USB隨身碟,那這個隨身碟就不能再使用了,除非移除防寫保護。解決辦法如下。 方法1. Diskpart指令. Step 1: 打開命令提示字元。 Step 2: 輸入以下指令,並在輸入每一行後按下Enter鍵: diskpart; list disk ตัวที่ขึ้น The disk is write protected. restore ไม่ได้เหมือนเดิม จักรพงษ์ พฤษภาคม 12, 2020 @ 11:38 pm · Repl Solution 1 - Turning off the protection switch. First of all, you can check if there is write-protection switch on the USB flash drive. If you still failed to format RAW flash drive because system says the disk drive is write protected, you can run Windows built-in Error-checking tool to check and repair bad sectors on the flash drive Download Disable or Enable Write Protection - Enable or disable write protected USB devices with just a single click, in order to prevent others from altering the content of a removable driv

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How do I remove write protection from a SanDisk flash drive? Type the following command lines and hit Enter each time: list disk. select disk # (# is the number of your SanDisk USB/SD card/SSD drive that you want to remove write protection from.) attributes disk clear readonly. How do I fix a write-protected SanDisk USB? DiskPart commands Salam Blogger... Hari ini ane dibikin penasaran sama SD Card ane yang tiba-tiba bermasalah. Masalahnya adalah Disk Write Protected jadi SD Card ane dikunci alias tidak bisa dirubah-rubah kalau bahasa IT-nya sering disebut Read Only jadi cuma bisa melihat dan meng-copy file saja. Padahal niatnya ane mau mengkosongkan isi/file yang ada di SD Card ane What is Write protection? As the term explains itself, Write protection means that the disk is protected against write operations. i.e., you can't write on the disk. You are only allowed to read and copy data from that disk, but unable to write or delete any content of that disk Cara Mengatasi SD Card Write Protected. Kartu Memori atau SD Card saat ini sangat banyak dipakai para pengguna gadget. Terutama bagi mereka yang memori internalnya sudah penuh, padahal masih butuh lebih banyak penyimpanan data. SD Card memiliki berbagai macam kapasitas. Mulai dari beberapa GB hingga lebih dari 1 TB